We Manage Your Claim From Start To Finish

We will work on your behalf to make sure that you receive 100% of your insurance claim settlement whilst our professional contractors repair your property.

We will manage the entire claims process when you need to make an insurance claim, leaving you to focus on what is more important in your life and let us handle the whole process. We can help and advise you on what to do if your insurer tries to contact you directly.

When you decide to appoint us as your professional representatives and have signed the mandate for us to act on your behalf with your insurance claim, it is important that only we deal with the claim. This will avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings that may delay the whole process of the insurance claim.

As part of the mandate, you will be given instructions to let Public Loss Assessors act on your behalf and the insurers must deal solely with Public Loss Assessors in all matters. If there are any queries that are raised we will obtain the answers from you and present this information to the insurer’s representative accordingly.

Impartial Advice Throughout The Process

The same advice that a solicitor would give you when they represent you applies as our Public Loss Assessors and yourself have made sure that you handed the insurance company and all of their representatives written instructions to allow all communications to Public Loss Assessors.

If anyone from the insurance company or anyone representing the insurance company contacts you by email, phone, letter or turns up at your property uninvited, you must always refer them to Public Loss Assessors do not begin any form of discussion with them, even it is a simple query.

Simply tell them that Public Loss Assessors are working on your behalf and we will answer any discussion or any queries needed. We are your exclusive chartered loss assessors and we are representing you completely.

If you do not apply any of these instructions, this could unfortunately lead to you being asked to accept a settlement that is below what you are entitled to.

You may hear that Public Loss Assessors delay claims and that it takes longer for you to receive your settlement offer. This is not true as we are an FCA regulated firm, we make sure that the claim is dealt with in a strict policy term with ICOBS 8.1.1, which states that insurers must attend to the customer instantly and fairly.

If we were not representing you there is a strong chance that you will be faced with a low settlement that may not be paid quickly.

It is important that you must refer to us if an insurance company or anybody representing them tries to change an appointment. We will reschedule the timings of the appointment, do not allow them to have a meeting without a Public Loss Assessor present.

If any one of the above take place, please contact Public Loss Assessors quickly so we can take the correct steps to protect your interests.

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