Public Loss Assessors in Wakefield & Surrounding Areas

When your property sustains heavy damage from an insured event such as a fire, flood or storm damage, it is important to have help that you can trust. It is often the case that your insurers will not truly have your interests in mind, so our loss assessors in Wakefield are able to ensure that your interests come first in the event of an insurance claim. Public Loss Assessors provide high quality insurance claims management services.

We Are Different From Other Loss Assessors

Unlike others some loss assessors, we will not leave you to fend for yourself – we ensure that you receive all the help that you need throughout the entire claims process. We do not confuse you with jargon – we will explain the process in simple, easy to understand terms and keep you up to date. We realise how frustrating it can be to not know how your claim is processing, which is why we promise to provide you with regular updates on the process.

We Will Help You Get Back On Track

With our expertise, you are able to quickly get your life back in order. With help from our claims managers, surveyors and our preferred building companies, you can not only receive help with managing your insurance claim, you can also receive the services of specialist contractors who are fully trained and qualified to deal with Wakefield properties that have been damaged by fires, floods or other insured events.

In the event that you would rather not utilise our specialist contractors, or you would prefer to receive your settlement in cash, we can offer this to you with a small fee of 10% + VAT of the settlement figure. This small fee is lower than the industry standard, and you gain a full insurance claims management service – why settle for anything less when you can have our specialists working for you?

By making use of one of our fully trained and experienced loss assessors, you can make your property insurance claim simple and swift. Get in touch with us today to receive advice on your situation today.

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