Storm, Theft & Impact Restoration

Storm Damage

In the past, the UK has suffered from devastating storms that have damaged properties all over the country. Trees have fallen and caused a huge amount of damage, property roofs have not been able to stand the force of the winds and rainfall has resulted in terrible water damage.

Through the storms, we have had a huge number of calls and enquiries as the insurance industry failed to cope with the amount of incidents.

As well as being able to repair property's that have been damaged by a storm, we have the experience to deal with situations if the weather has not been balanced throughout the year. Our storm restoration professionals are confident that they can restore and overcome any problem.


Having something stolen from you can be very frustrating and a distressing incident. Your insurance provider will boost you with confidence when you first take out a policy with them. But they will not be the same way when you need to make a theft claim.

Our theft claims managers will take the stress of the entire process out of your hands while making it easier to understand for you. We will then interact with your insurance provider, keeping you informed during the entire claim.

There will be emergency repairs to your property within a short time frame from your initial contract.

Impact Damage

Vehicle collisions and fallen trees are the most common cause of impact damage in the UK. These types of events are very unfortunate. Once the incident occurs such as impact damage it is important that access to the area is restricted and the damaged property is a closed zone for safety.

If your property suffers from impact damage, you should stay very clear away from the property until our impact damage experts have assessed the whole situation to make sure it is safe.

If you ever happen to suffer from impact damage to your property, do not be afraid to contact our professional call centre operatives. They can guide you through the proceedings on what you need to do next. They will also instruct a restoration specialist to attend to your property as soon as possible.

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