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Public Loss Assessors are here to ensure that you receive your full entitlement when you have been unlucky enough to have suffered from property damage. With branches and experienced staff based all over the UK, our loss assessors cover Stockport and all surrounding areas. We are also proud to say that we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive loss assessing and claims management service. If your property has been subject to any sort of damage, such as a flood, fire, storm or impact damage, our experienced loss assessors will be able to survey the property and determine the value of all damage that needs to be restored.

With skilled loss assessors throughout the UK, we are more than confident that we can manage and help you receive the settlement you are entitled to.

As we work closely with both the client and the insurer throughout the case, we can handle and fight your case from an impartial point of view. Even though we work for you, the policy holder, we will remain fair and just towards every party possible. If you feel like you’d benefit from our help and want to submit a claim, our loss assessors will be able to help you with an established claims handling service - we will put you and your needs first throughout the entire claim.

Introducing Our Cost-Free Restoration Service

Regardless of what sort of damage your Stockport property has sustained, no matter if it is a flood, fire or impact damage, we are able to give you access to our cost-free services - provided that you make full use of our recommended specialist building contractors. As well as having branches all over the UK, we also work alongside a highly-recommended network of damage restoration specialists that are available for call outs nationwide. Our preferred building contractors restore all damage that may have occurred by the claims which we specialise in - meaning we are confident in not only our abilities to manage your claim, but also our abilities to find a company who can fully restore all damage to its previous condition.

If you choose to opt for a cash settlement and feel you don’t want to make full use of our recommended contractors services, then we have an alternative method to acquire our professional services. You will be offered exactly the same claims management and loss assessing service, but instead of passing our fees onto our contractors, we will charge 10% plus VAT of the final settlement fee which is agreed upon. You will also enter into a no win no fee contract, so unless your case is won and you are offered a settlement figure you are happy with then you won’t be charged a penny.

Stockport Loss Assessors Working for YOU The Policy Holder

When filing for a claim, more often than not, your insurer will recommend their personal loss adjuster to assess the damage that has occurred, but because they work directly for your insurer you cannot be certain they will have a fair judgment over the claim. When hiring Public Loss Assessors Stockport, you can be sure that we have your best interests at heart, as we are an independent loss assessing firm.

It is crucial, both to you and your property, that as soon as you notice any sort of damage inflicted on your property that you have a quick claims submission time; leaving any sort of damage to develop will likely be detrimental in the future. If you feel like you’d benefit from any of the services we offer, or just want to enquire about our services, then feel free to contract us and start your road to recovery today.

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