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All of us at Public Loss Assessors take pride in providing a national, high-end solution when you require our help in dealing with your insurance claims. If you need assistance to take care of your home insurance claim from a loss assessor in Stirling, we can easily allow you to attain all of the payment that you really are entitled to out of your insurance company.

We offer our services at no cost to you when you choose to allow us to appoint one of our recommended nationwide network of building contractors. Alternatively, if you would prefer to take a cash sum as your settlement or appoint your own preferred building repair company, we charge a fixed fee of 10% + VAT from your final settlement figure for the services we provide.

Free Loss Assessing

When you choose one of our Loss Assessors to represent you, we can provide you with an insurance claims management service at no cost to you when you decide to use our recommended skilled tradesmen to repair your property. The building contractors that we employ cover our fees on your behalf. We also make sure to only work with specialist building contractors who have experience in repairing properties that have been damaged by flood, fire, subsidence, storm or impact.

Public Loss Assessors believe that it is extremely important to fully assess ALL damage that has been caused to your property right from the very beginning. Sometimes it may be too late to add any extra damage to your claim that was previously submitted to your insurer, especially after the initial claim has been settled. The reason that we point this out is that in many cases, secondary damage may not initially be easily identified to an untrained eye. This could be a simple case of damp, caused by water damage from extinguishing a fire, or the damage could be hidden away under floor boards or inner wall cavities. This is why we realise it is so important to get it right the first time round - a new claim will most often prove very costly.

Gain Our Specialist Restoration Services

We are able to help you no matter what type of damage your home has sustained. Whether you have suffered from a fire, flood or impact damage, you will be able to have your insurance claim managed by loss assessors with decades of experience in claims management. Our loss assessors Stirling are able to ensure that you are seen first by your insurance provider, and your claim is handled fairly and successfully.

By using a skilled loss assessor, you can guarantee that your insurance claims procedure will be clear-cut. Give us a call on 08000 434 999 in order to receive our very own professional advice.

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