Public Loss Assessing in Solihull

No matter what sort of damage your property has been subject to; whether its fire, flood, storm, subsidence, impact and or any other of the many damage claims we deal with because we care here to help. With an array of experienced loss assessors and branches based all over the UK, we are confident we can manage your whole property claim with an impartial view, make sure it is a fair and just case and work tirelessly till you get a settlement you are entitled to. Unlike a loss adjuster employed by your insurer, we work for the policy holder rather than the insurance company. By offering this service we give the policy holder a lever of knowledge and expertise that they may not receive by submitting an insurance claim directly through their insurer.

We take great satisfaction in offering a well-established nationwide service when any of our clients need our assistance in dealing their property claims. If you are in need of a reputable loss assessing and claims management company in Solihull, then we can help to make sure you get the deserved entitlement based on the size and severity of your claim and won’t stop working until you receive this entitlement.

Property Repair and Restoration Services

Not only can we manage your insurance claim on your behalf, we can also ensure that a reputable building contractor repairs your property to a high standard. As long as you agree to make full use of our recommended building contractors and allow them to restore all of the damage inflicted on your property, we can offer our whole loss assessing, claims management and restoration service package at absolutely no cost to you. We can do this by passing our fees onto the building contractors. As soon as you submit a claim, which should be the closest possible time to when the damage is first noticed, one of our experienced loss assessors will come into your property and establish the damage, then work collaboratively with both you and your insurer on your behalf to make sure a fair and just claim goes ahead.

If you don’t want to make full use of our services, and would prefer to opt for a cash settlement to appoint your own contractor, we can still offer exactly the same professional claims management service but our fee will be 10% (plus VAT) of your final settlement figure. If you were to opt for this option, there is no need pay any upfront costs as our fees are deducted directly from your final settlement. In fact, we may also be able to help with costs towards temporary accommodation if your insurance policy permits it.

Insurance Claims Management Services

If you think you’d benefit from any of the services we can offer you today, regardless of whether you would like a cash settlement or a restoration service, then as long as there is a valid insurance policy in place that covers it we can assist you in your road to recovery, to submit a claim or even make an enquiry about how we can help, call us today on or get is touch through our contact us form.

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