Claims management and Loss Assessing in Shrewsbury

With branches nationwide, huge networks of staff and loss assessors with an abundance of experience; we are confident in our ability to assist and resolve any property claim in Shrewsbury and all over the UK. No matter how big or small, as long as there is a valid insurance policy in place, we are here to work on behalf of the policy holder - not your insurer. Our whole work ethic is based around customer satisfaction and we achieve this by delivering a reputable claims management, loss assessing and if required, a highly-recommended restoration service whilst working for the policy holder, unlike a loss adjuster employed by your insurer.

No matter what type of damage your Shrewsbury property has been subject to; may it be fire, flood, storm, subsidence or impact damage, with our experience and training we can manage your whole claim from an impartial point of view and ensure you are involved in a fair and just claim. Our loss assessors will work tirelessly for you until you receive the settlement figure that you are entitled to.

We Can Offer Our Loss Assessing Services at NO COST TO YOU!

As long as you agree to make full use of our preferred contractors we can agree to offer you our whole service package; our loss assessing and claims management at absolutely no cost to you. We can do this by simply passing on our fees to our recommended contractors for the restorations taking place on your property, our preferred contractors will repair and restore all damage to the standard that you should expect.

If you decide to choose your own builders to repair the damage and opt for a cash settlement rather than the complete restoration service our recommended contractors provide, this is fine. We can still offer our expert loss assessing and claims management service for a nominal fee of just 10% plus VAT, which is a very modest price for all the benefits and support we bring to the entire claims process.

Working for YOU The Policy Holder

When submitting a claim your insurers will recommend their own personal loss adjuster to assess the damage and help with your claim. Working with your Insurers loss adjuster could be a risk, this is because they might be biased towards the claim and might not always have your best interests on their mind. When hiring Public Loss Assessors you can be certain we always want what is best for you as we are independent loss assessors who are hired by you the policy holder to work on your behalf only. We will scrutinise all the small print within your policy to ensure that you receive all that you are entitled to.

If you want to make full use of our services and think you’d benefit from the assistance and claim handling experience that we can offer then contact us today. We aim to identify the full scope of any damage, first time, every time to ensure that you claim is managed promptly and efficiently. To find out more about how we can assist your claim, call our team today and begin your road to recovery.

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