Insurance Claims Management in Preston

Has your home or business been subject to any sort of property damage? Whether it be fire, flood, storm, impact, theft, subsidence or any other type of damage, we may be able to assist you. Are you suffering as a direct result of the damage that has been caused to your property? If you have answered yes to either of these questions and think you need the premium loss assessing and claims management service of an experienced insurance claims management company, then we are here to help.

Not only will our specialist loss assessors survey your property to evaluate the damage to evaluate the scope of works and costs involved, they will also work directly for you rather than the insurer, managing the claim the whole time so that you get your full entitlement. We have branches all over the UK, including Preston and its surrounding areas, so no matter what sort of claim and no matter where your property is based, we can help you by fully managing your insurance claim from start to finish.

What Makes Us Different To Our Competitors?

As well as being able to offer our unbeatable loss assessing and claims management service to you, regardless of your location or any problems faced with managing the claim, we can also offer all of these services at absolutely no cost to you. If you agree to make full use of our recommended specialist building contractors to restore the damage on your property, then we can offer our whole service free of charge.

One of our experienced loss assessors will assess and establish the cause of damage and the methods needed to restore said damage; they will then handle the whole case from an impartial point of view, working for you rather than the insurer. When an insurer sends out their loss adjuster, they may gloss over certain details of the damage caused, especially if your property was damaged by fire - it is easy to brush over both smoke and water damage that has occurred within your property, but this can often prove even more costly if it is noticed after your claim is closed - this is why it is important to identify all details pertaining to damage within the first survey. Our loss assessors will guarantee that they will include ALL details relating to damage within your property.

If you decide that you’d prefer to use your own choice of building contractors to restore the damage on your property, you are then able to opt for a cash settlement rather than a damage repair service. We can still offer the exact same claims management service for just 10% plus VAT, which is still a reputable price compared to our competitors.

You Are In Safe Hands With Public Loss Assessors

With our loss assessors trained to notice every little detail pertaining to damage within your property, we are confident that we are able to get your property back to normal using an array of loss assessing skills. If you think that you’d benefit from the use of an established team to manage your claim and help you receive your deserved remittance, may it be a cash settlement or a restoration, then contact one of our helpful advisors at either one of the numbers listed below.

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