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If your home or business has suffered damage and you need to make a claim through your insurer then Public Loss Assessors are here to help. We specialise in property claims and are experts when it comes to negotiating with your insurance company. With offices throughout the UK, we cover Newark and all surrounding areas.

Most people do not realise when they have to submit an insurance claim, they are entitled to the same professional help that your insurance company receive. When a client submits a claim, their insurer will appoint a loss adjuster who will assess any damage and liabilities the insurer will be responsible for. This loss adjuster is paid for by the insurance company to work on their behalf. What we do is work on behalf of you the insured client. We are here to protect your interests instead.

Your Very Own Insurance Claims Management Services

We are able to provide our free loss assessing service at no cost to you - given that you take advantage of our preferred contractors to repair your home whilst we manage your claim for you. The building contractors we recommend will take care of any fees for our professional expertise. We work with nationwide contractor networks who specifically deal with properties that have been damaged by flood water, fire, storm, impact or subsidence.

Occasionally, some of our clients would rather us negotiate for them and then opt for a lump sum from their insurer in which they can use to appoint their own building company. In this case, we are happy to offer our expertise but we then charge a fixed percentage of your final settlement - 10% + VAT. Whichever option you choose, rest assured we still offer the same level of commitment to you.

As soon as your home or business has become damaged by a disaster such as a fire or flooding, a fast reaction time is essential. This is why we at Public Loss Assessors pride ourselves in being able to assess your Newark property as soon as possible to ensure that all damage is accounted for in the first evaluation. Whenever additional destruction goes undetected if we're not advised to look at the house or property, the insurance claim may have to be reopened is secondary damage is detected later on. This is why it is so important that your property is evaluated by an assessor who deals with this type of insured event.

We Work To Protect Your Interests

Most of our clients come to us because they do not have previous experience when it comes to dealing with their insurer. Most people will not know how much it will cost to repair their property back to its previous condition. When your insurance company comes to you with an offer, how do you know that it is fair and will cover your losses? This is where Public Loss Assessors are here to help.

Remember that Public Loss Assessors work for you, not your insurer. Our job is to ensure that you receive your full entitlement, no more, no less. Regardless of what sort of damage your home or business has endured, as long as you are insured, Public Loss Assessors have the ability to provide a first class insurance claims management service that puts your interests first, rather than your insurer.

When you require a loss assessor to manage your property claim, to help you and also to reduce the worry throughout this hard time, you can call us today for our expert help and guidance.

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