We Are Dedicated To Fair Insurance Claims

Public Loss Assessors provide a comprehensive advocacy and settlement support for policyholders, which leads to them gaining 100% of their entitlement.

Our work consists of:

  • Raising awareness of the general public of their full entitlement;
  • Ensuring the public know the insurance claims process;
  • Ensuring the public know how loss assessors work;
  • Providing the public with their own expert advice and their own vetted contractor;
  • Making sure that all the works required to reinstate the property to its pre loss condition are completed in full.

Public Loss Assessors will coordinate the claim and act as a proponent for the policyholder to make sure a fair, complete and reasonable claim is finalised and brought to the insurers to the satisfaction of the policyholder.

We will advise policyholders on the value of their entitlement and manage claims on their behalf.

We Will Manage Your Entire Claim

Public Loss Assessors will provide their full claims management/loss assessing service free of charge to the policyholder, providing the mandated instructions to insurers is signed by the policyholder. The works that will be carried out will be by one of our appointed contractors to reinstate your property.

The service and full claims management include:

  • The receipt of inquiries regarding a particular claim from the policyholder;
  • Once instructed under a mandate to appoint consultants and assess the loss and prepare a scope of works;
  • To specify the works to the contractors for costing and provide the policyholder with an evaluation of the claim;
  • To act as public loss assessors and to negotiate all of their entitlement under the terms and conditions of their policy;
  • Agree to settle terms and with insurers and on behalf of the policy holder;
  • Communicate and settle with the FCA regulated client account all payments to the policyholder.

If the policyholder decides to a) go forward with a cash settlement from insurers, or b) chooses to use their own contractor who are not PLA approved contractors, the fees due and payable to Public Loss Assessors by the policyholder are equal to 10%+VAT of the total final settlement. This payment will be sent to the policy holder and taken away from all settlement sums.

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