Public Loss Assessing In Leicester

Public Loss Assessors are able to provide you with a full property claims solution for you when you need it most. We can offer insurance claims management services across Leicester, surrounding areas and across the entirety of the United Kingdom. If your home or business has been seriously compromised by flood, fire, theft, storm damage or any other aspects we cover, then we are here to help ensure that you receive your full entitlement when we manage your insurance claim on your behalf.

When you find yourself having to make a property insurance claim after your home has been damaged, it can often prove to be a very stressful experience and your best interests may not be at heart. With the help of Public Loss Assessors, you are able to gain a full insurance claims management service from loss assessors that are working on your behalf, from opening the claim and surveying the property right up to the completion of restoration works. We always endeavour to put your interests first when dealing with your insurer on your behalf, so you can gain the settlement that you are entitled to..

In Most Cases We Can Offer A Free Loss Assessing Service

We can offer our whole property claims management service at no cost to you, as long as you agree to allow our recommended contractors to restore your property. Our preferred contractors specialise in fire, flood, impact and many other aspects of damage that we cover, so they are more than qualified to restore your property back to its original state. If you’d prefer to opt for a cash settlement in order to appoint your own building contractors, we can still offer our remaining services for just 10% plus VAT of your final settlement figure. Whichever option you choose, we will work our hardest to ensure that your insurance claim is settled favourably to you.

When you employ a loss assessor from us, you are arming yourself with professional knowledge that comes from an insurance claims professional – this is the same knowledge that your insurer has and uses when they employ a loss adjuster to manage your claim. With the knowledge of a professional in your corner, you are able to make sure that the outcome of your insurance claim is fair and benefits you – not just the interests of the insurer. After all, your insurer would be paying a loss adjuster to work on their behalf.

Our Loss Assessors Will Fight for Your Interests

We only employ experienced loss assessors who have worked on a variety of claims – they know exactly how to deal with the various intricacies involved between a fire or a flood claim, because often the two have entirely different requirements. Furthermore, every home is different – a two storey home will have a very different structure to a bungalow. This is why our loss assessors are trained in all of these different circumstances, so they will never let you down no matter what property you live in.

If you would like a loss assessing company that puts your need in front of your insurance company please feel free to get in touch today. Don't settle for less - settle for your full entitlement.

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