Public Loss Assessors and Claims Management in Lancaster

For loss assessors Lancaster, we are the local choice. With branches all over the UK including Lancaster and surrounding areas, we are confident that we are able to assist any of our clients from an impartial point of view, no matter where in the UK their property may be based. Unlike the service you would receive if you went directly to the insurer to handle your claim, we can work directly for you and can offer a full claims management and restoration service at no cost to you.

What you may not know is that your insurer appoints a loss adjuster to work on their behalf which may reduce the cost of your claim - this means that important details can be missed, such as damp damage within your walls or smoke damage after a fire. Our loss assessors aim to combat this by ensuring that all details of damage are included within the damage report presented to the insurer - no stone is left unturned in regards to your property. No matter how complex the claim or situation our clients may be in, we can guarantee that our specialist loss assessors will work tirelessly until we can get you the entitlement you are happy with; only then will we close the case and grant you with the compensation that you deserve.

Our Comprehensive Service Makes Us Different

Unlike our competitors, we offer a full service when you assign us to manage your insurance claim. After the management of your claim is completed, we can then offer you the choice to use our preferred team of building contractors that specialise in property damage claims such as flood, fire, impact, theft, subsidence and storm damage. As loss assessors, we will: examine and assess the damage that has been inflicted on the property, establish the work that needs to be done so that no problems reoccur, fight your case until you are happy with the outcome and then send our specialist contractors to carry out the necessary repairs.

If you’d feel more confident in using your own choice of builders, or a locally known building contractor rather than one of our recommended and established ones, then this is fine - we can offer exactly the same loss assessing, claims management and restoration service for just 10% plus VAT, which is still a competitive price in terms of the services we can offer to you, the policy holder.

Make The Right Choice With Public Loss Assessors

With the majority of our loss assessors having many years of experience within their field, it doesn't matter what sort of damage your property has been subject to - we have the knowledge, confidence and ability to handle your whole insurance claim. Our insurance claims management specialists in Lancaster are able to assist you on your road to recovery and can ensure that your claim is dealt with in the correct way, up until you're happy with the reimbursement you receive according to the terms of your insurance policy.

While you may want to go with your insurer's loss adjuster, you cannot guarantee that they will be completely impartial, nor that they are working to preserve your interests - the loss adjuster is paid by the insurer to keep the costs of your claim down. If they are working to gain the lowest price for your insurer, then it could be the case that they gloss over important details just to keep the insurance claim payout low. With a loss assessor, you can guarantee that we protect your interests and include ALL details within the damage report presented to your insurer - resulting in you gaining ALL that you are entitled to.

To find out more about we can help you or if you just want to make an enquiry about the aid we can offer you, feel free to call any of the numbers below or submit your details through our contact us page. Our helpline is open 24 hours a day and our friendly and helpful advisors will assist you in any way you need.

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