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If you’re looking for a specialist claims management team to help you to receive a fairly priced settlement in Ipswich or surrounding areas, then Public Loss Assessors might be the company you need to contact. With support available nationwide, whichever region in the UK you live in we can offer our established services in a wide range of insurance claims.

Public Loss Assessors pride themselves on customer satisfaction. If your property has been subject to damage, no matter how problematic the subject situation may be, with branches and staff including Some of the most established and experienced loss assessors in the country operating nationwide, we are confident in our abilities to assist. Unlike claiming through your insurer, by claiming through Public Loss Assessors, you automatically appoint your very own loss assessor that works on your behalf. As well as being able to handle your whole claim, we can also handle the restoration process to, by handing the fees to our contractors, we can ultimately restore all damage at no cost to you.

Our Free Loss Assessing Service

As long as you agree to use our trusted building contractors to take on the restoration process in your house once you have got the entitlement your happy with, we can offer the whole claims management and house repair totally free of charge. If you want the same service but want to use your own preferred building contractors then we can still offer you the exact same service, just at a cheap fee of 10% plus VAT of your final settlement.

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Obviously, we would prefer for your house not to have been subject to any sort of damage, no matter how big or small it may be. However, if you have been unlucky enough to have your house damaged then we are here to help. If you want to either enquire about making a claim, or think you’d benefit from having a company like us work for you then contact us today at 08000 434 999.

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