Advice For Insurance Claims Management Services

Public Loss Assessors offer expert insurance claims management services on top of the free loss assessing that we also provide. This means that you are able to carry on with your life without having to worry about the difficult negotiations of your property insurance claim. We highly recommend that you contact us as soon as you notice any damage to your property, then we will collect your insurance details so we are able to manage your claim. We will also offer you advice on what you can do to control the damage until we are able to send one of our contractors to your property.

This will be after we advise your insurer that immediate restoration is needed to repair any damage your home has sustained. This is very important in the event of flood damage, as moisture can sink deep into the surfaces of the property. Our aim is to have your insurance claim completed within three months with all payments due to you at the end of the claim when your property has been restored.

Our claim management service will process the claim; we will handle all the communications with the insurer as well as administering a certificate of dryness to sign after you are full satisfied with the work. Before you employ any claims management company, ensure that they are fully authorised and regulated by the FCA.

We Will Handle Your Claim On Your Behalf

Your insurer will be notified about the damage and your situation, then we will arrange for you to sign a mandate that gives us your permission to act on your behalf during the claims process. One of our loss assessors will arrange a meeting to agree on the costs of the claim with your insurer, after the property has been evaluated by one of our preferred contractors who will carry out the restoration process.

Our contractors will start the full restoration process, as well as help you to document all the items that are damaged in the accident. If you choose not to use our claims management service, you would have to inspect the restoration yourself and compile a list of damaged items alone. Towards the end of the claim you will then be required to sign the claim off, only when you are pleased with the restoration outcome. If any work needs to be done after the claim has been closed, we can send one of our contractors to carry this out.

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