Property Insurance Claims

Making a property insurance claim can often be a long process when you attempt to tackle it alone. However this process can be made easier by employing Public Loss Assessors to help you. We have years of experience in dealing with claims management and assessing your property damage objectively. We know all necessary actions to take so that you can gain a successful and fair settlement at the end of your insurance claim.

What Steps Should You Take When You Take Out A Damage Claim?

  • Collect as many details as possible regarding the damages.
  • Call your insurers.
  • Explain how the damage occurred and the situation in which it happened. Do not make guesses, as this could be used against you later, and admit if there any details that you are uncertain about.
  • Contact Public Loss Assessors to organise representation.
  • Take pictures of all damages and make note of damaged items – do not move these items if you can help it.
  • Our assessor will arrive at your property to assess the damage and to discuss forthcoming events regarding your claim.
  • When your claim is being processed by us, your personal loss assessor will update you throughout the entire claims process, letting you know how far along the claim is.
  • Your loss assessor will negotiate with your insurer to ensure that you gain the correct sum to cover damages to your property.
  • From here, wait for your settlement to be agreed by your loss assessor.
  • Your loss assessor will then assign one of PLA’s partnered contractors to restore and repair your property.

Why Employ A Loss Assessor?

  • Our loss assessors work for you only – not your insurance company.
  • Our loss assessor will scrutinise your policy to check that you get your entitlement for everything that you are covered for.
  • They will check the maximum pay out that you are entitled to on your insurance policy, and that this sum is enough to cover the damages during the incident.
  • Checks are also undertaken to ensure that all items that should have been included in the claim were taken into account.

If you need a company that will work solely in your interests and to earn you the best results from your settlement within your insurance policy’s conditions, Public Loss Assessors will help you to gain this result.

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