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If your property has been subject to damage; may it be fire, flood, impact, storm or theft, our expert claims management/loss assessing team are more than happy to help assist you so that you’re involved in a fair and just claim. Unlike claiming through your insurer, which can be a lengthy and tedious process, by claiming through Public Loss Assessors, you automatically appoint a loss assessor that will work on your behalf on a no win no fee basis, rather than the insurers behalf.

With an array of expert loss assessors and branches nationwide including Greenford and all surrounding areas, our loss assessing team are more than capable to assist you and ensure you receive the exact deserved entitlement for the hardship your property has endured. Our loss assessors get paid based on how much the policyholder earns, which is just another reason to why appointing loss assessors is in your best interests.

Totally Free Loss Assessing

As long as you utilise our recommended building contractors to carry out repairs on your house, we can manage the whole claim from your behalf and leave you with a restored house at absolutely no cost to you. We can do this by simply passing our fees onto one of our networks of restoration experts, who specialise in the aspects that we cover, making it a simple and easy process for both us, them and you. Our network of building damage restoration contractors will leave your home in its original condition with the lowest chance of damage re occurrence possible.

If you decide to ignore our restoration specialists, and opt for a cash settlement to appoint a building contractor that you know and trust then this is fine. We can still offer you the exact same claims management and loss assessing service, minus the restoration service for just 10% plus VAT.

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If you have been subject to any sort of damage, as long as there is an insurance policy in place covering it, don’t hesitate in submitting a claim with us by either visiting our website or calling us on 08000 434 999. The quicker the claim submission the better, as damage can worsen over time making it harder and harder to restore your home.

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