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Public Loss Assessors offer a professional property claims handling solution when you need to submit a property insurance claim. Public Loss Assessors cover Glasgow and the whole of the UK. We work for you, not your insurer, so our aim is to ensure that when you need to claim on your insurance, you have someone on your side protecting your interests. In most cases, we are able to offer our services at no cost to you when you allow us to appoint one of our preferred specialist building repair contractors to restore your property.

Free Loss Assessing

We are able to provide you with our specialised loss assessing services at no cost - as long as you make use of our recommended professionals to repair your home or business directly after we handle the claim for you. So how can we afford to offer this cost free service? The building contractors we recommend cover our costs on your behalf. We work with networks of property repair experts who are specifically skilled to restore properties that have been affected by fire, storm, flood, impact or subsidence damage.

Working on your behalf, rather than the insurer, we are here to protect your interests. We even offer our services at no cost to you on a no win no fee basis when you agree to allow us to appoint one of our recommended building contractors to repair your property. Otherwise, if you would prefer to shop around and appoint your own property repair specialists, we offer our services for 10% (+ VAT) of your final settlement. Either way our services are provided with no upfront costs.

The moment after you have experienced a tragedy causing damage to your home, it is crucial that the repairs commence at the earliest opportunity. We at Public Loss Assessors are proud of our adaptability when confronted with an emergency and also our capacity to analyse your house fairly without delay. It is important to be able to identify not only the obvious, immediate damage but also any secondary damage that may have occurred. This can help your insurance claim run smoother and less likely to run into problems later down the line. Otherwise, your insurance claim may take longer to settle, leaving you angry and frustrated.

Acquire Our Personal Professional Restoration Services

We believe that the person who is assessing any damage to your property should be fully qualified and experienced. To the untrained eye, it is possible to miss certain aspects regarding the full extent of any damage caused and this could be crucial in the end result of your claim. For example, when water damage occurs, it is always most likely that there will be much more damage to your property than what is immediately visible. This is why we aim to get it right in the first time of asking, rather than having to try to revisit your insurance claim after it has initially been settled.

If you're needing a loss assessor to deal with your property claim to help you and also to decrease the suffering during the course of this tough time, you are able to contact us on 08000 434 999 concerning our very own professional assistance and recommendations.

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