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Has your property been subject to any sort of damage? Are you too busy to handle the whole insurance case on your own? Do you think that you would benefit from an established claims management company that work for you, the policy holder, and use all their skills and knowledge in order to get the client their deserved entitlement? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then Public Loss Assessors may be the company you need to contact. Public loss assessors are a company that deals with a wide range of claims in Fulham, surrounding areas and nationwide and forces a fair, just claim every time.

If you have been subject to any sort damage may it be fire damage, flood damage, theft, impact damage or storm damage and there is an insurance policy in place, Public Loss Assessors have an established enough team and a big enough reach to be able to ensure you’re involved in a fair and just claim. When you appoint Public Loss Assessors to carry out the claims management of your insurance claim, you automatically appoint a loss assessor that works on your behalf, rather than the insurer.

Acquire our Cost-free Restoration Service

As long as you agree to make full use of our recommended contractors to carry out the restoration process on your damaged home, we can offer our whole loss assessing, claims management and restoration service at absolutely no cost to you, by simply passing our fees onto our contractors, who specialise in restoration of the aspects we cover.

If you decide to opt for a cash settlement, in order to appoint your own contractors and choose to ignore our specialists, this is fine. We can still offer our remaining services for 10% plus VAT of your final agreed settlement.

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If you have any general enquiries about us as a company, or think you’d benefit by appointing us to handle your whole claim throughout, till you receive the entitlement you deserve, then give our professional and friendly advisors a call and find out how we can help you today. Remember, the quicker the claim submission time the better, so whatever situation your damaged subject property is in; big, small or hugely problematic, we are able to help regardless.

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