Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Restoration Services

Public Loss Assessors offer a complete comprehensive fire damage repair service. We are here for you all the way through the whole process, from negotiating with your insurer all the way up to making sure that your property is fully restored back to its pre-loss condition.

Fires can cause a wide spread destruction to your home or business. The damage is not only what you can notice it can also destroy the structural elements from inside the property. Fire can damage electrical components by melting them so It is impossible to know what damage has been truly done until you seek help from the professionals.

Our loss assessors have years of experience in assessing fire damage. They ensure that every last bit of damage that was created by the accident is reported, so you will receive the full amount of your settlement. We only use highly experienced and professional builders who specialise in fire damaged properties to ensure that you get the best result out of this unfortunate situation.

If you have been put through this devastating situation, we know just how upsetting the whole situation can be, especially if you’re fighting it on your own. Many insurers will ask the policy holder to get a few local builders to assess the damage for them.

The problem with selecting a local builder is that they may not have the experience and skill for the job at hand. This is why we only recommend contractors who have complete experience and skills in the specialist field of fire damage restoration, such as Probuild Contractors Network.

Secondary Fire Damage

Not all fire damage can be seen by the naked eye. There could be a lot more damage that you may not necessarily immediately identify. Your building could also have suffered from heat damage. For example, fire can often cause electrical components to melt.

There is also the risk of fire fighting fluids and smoke particles getting into the structural materials within the building. As a result, full fire damage restoration may not be fully possible until the affected materials have been removed and replaced.

A representative from Public Loss Assessors will be able to meet your insurers or their loss adjusters in your home or business. They will then be able to make sure that you receive your valid claim entitlement in order to receive the cost of any corrective works that may be required. By working alongside insurers and policyholders, we are able to offer fixed costs for all of our restoration work for your peace of mind.

With our strict standards and full commitment, we ensure we only recommend building contractors who are qualified specialists. We aim to make the process of returning your business or home back to its pre-loss condition in the shortest amount of time as inconvenient as possible.

The Complete Fire Damage Repair Management Service

At Public Loss Assessors we work very hard trying to get in touch with your insurers to make sure you get your full entitlement, we will send a highly professional and experienced team of fire restoration experts to your house to transform it back to its original condition.

Being an industry leader in these fields we have come across a number of fire damaged properties. Our highly trained restoration team have been able to use their extensive knowledge and skills to ensure that not a single trace of the accident is left behind from all properties.

We make use of a professional building contractors to perform restoration work on your property. The project manager that we assigned will ensure that everything runs smoothly, resulting in a faster and more efficient restoration process for you. Although reinstatement works are often completed quickly, you can be assured that your property is being restored to the highest standard.

We are so confident in our work, that you will be given a client satisfaction guarantee mandate which will only be signed by you when you feel that our work has exceeded your personal standards.

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