Fire and Flood Restoration Hersham

Have You Been Asked To Provide Building Repair Estimates For Your Insurer?

If your home or business has been affected by a fire, flood or Escape of Water then your insurance company could have advised you find a couple of builders quotations on their behalf. The majority of local building contractors simply just don't have the skills to restore property damage on this scale. Restoring fire or water damage is a very complicated procedure.

This is why we would only recommend a building contractor who has extensive experience when it comes to restoring your home or business. In Hersham and throughout the UK, we have appointed a large number of contractors that are experienced in this type of restoration.

In fact, we have access to in excess of 100 capable companies who are experts when it comes to fire and water damage reinstatement. When you employ our loss assessors, we will help you to get in touch with any of our recommended network of professional contractors. In the majority of cases we can even supply our expertise for free*.

Why Appoint Public Loss Assessors?

When it comes to insurance claims management we are second to none. We don't work for your insurance company; our services are provided to the public instead. When you declare a claim to your insurance provider, your insurer will dispatch one of their loss adjusters to evaluate the claim on their behalf.

Since the loss adjuster is working for your insurer, how would you know any settlement offered would be sufficient to restore your home or business to its pre-loss state? Policyholders are rarely made aware that they are entitled to hire their own loss adjuster.

How would you know if you were offered a reasonable and full settlement figure? What if there was a way for someone to assess the destruction independently, instead of trusting what you are told by a loss adjuster who was working for your insurer? You are entitled to employ your own loss adjusters rather than one hired by your insurance company! Wouldn't you want a loss assessor working to protect your interests instead?

If you appoint us, we will take care of the whole claim from start to finish. Working tirelessly on your behalf, we ensure that you receive only your full entitlement as your interests come first. In most cases we do not charge you for our services if you instruct one of our recommended contractors to reinstate your property.

If you would rather appoint a different building contractor our fees are charged at 10% of your final settlement figure. In either case, there are no up-front charges to find as our service fees are taken only after your insurance claim is settled. We offer a nationwide domestic and commercial insurance claims management service covering Hersham and all surrounding areas.

Flood Restoration and Water Damage Repair Hersham

Public Loss Assessors can help when your property has been damaged due to the result of a local flood, an Escape of Water through a burst pipe or even water damage caused by putting out a fire. It's crucial that all water damage is identified since there will most probably be more hidden destruction in which only a skilled eye would be able to identify, otherwise it could cause issues with your claim at a later stage.

This is why at first, we would employ an independent surveyor to fully analyse all the damage that has taken place. An in-depth risk assessment would then take place to ensure that any hazards are discovered, making sure that the immediate and surrounding areas are safe and are protected.

Public Loss Assessors are able to recommend highly trained flood restoration specialists when you employ us to manage your insurance claim. Irrespective of the cause of damage, our recommended Hersham flood damage repair specialists will always be accessible to assist you with any disaster that may have occurred.

Prior to any repair activities can take place, your recommended builder will ensure that your home or business is thoroughly dried and will then issue you with a drying certificate for your insurer. Your contractor will complete all repair work within the arranged timescale.

Fire Restoration Hersham

If your home or business has been affected by fire, it can be amongst one of the worst things that you are ever going to encounter. We fully grasp this and will do everything we can in order to help you through this time.

We understand completely just how damaging the consequences of a fire can be. Unfortunately, we also know that the damage can be considerably worse than it looks. Smoke and water damage are two main factors, but there may also be more unseen destruction which is not immediately noticeable.

By pinpointing all of the aspects resulting from fire damage, our loss assessors may well be the difference when negotiating with your insurance provider. A long and drawn out insurance claim is the last thing you want whilst our team can help speed things up.

Our clients have used countless reputable fire restoration companies whilst we have been trading. During this time, we have generated a list of the most competent builders so that we can recommend them to our future clients. We are able to recommend reputable fire damage repair contractors in Hersham.

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