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If your home or business has been damaged by fire or flood then your insurer could have asked you to obtain a few builders quotations for their consideration. Plenty of local building companies simply do not have the know-how to repair property damage at this level. Repairing fire, flood or Escape of Water damage can be a very complicated procedure.

It's for these reasons we only recommend a building firm who has significant experience when it comes to repairing your property. Throughout the years, our loss assessors have built up relationships with various building companies in Halifax and throughout the UK who are competent in this area of work.

As a matter of fact, we have access to over 100 capable companies who are experts when it comes to fire and water damage repair. When you employ our loss assessors, we can help you to get in contact with any of our recommended network of professional builders. In most cases we can even provide our expert services for free*.

How Can Public Loss Assessors Assist?

When it comes to insurance claims management we are second to none. Our loss assessors are different, purely because we work on behalf of the public rather than the insurer. When you submit a claim to your insurance company, your insurer will dispatch one of their loss adjusters to assess your claim on their behalf.

Since the loss adjuster is working for your insurance provider, how would you be sure any settlement offered would be sufficient to repair your home or business to its pre-loss condition? People making insurance claims are rarely told that they are allowed to hire their own loss adjuster.

How would you know if you were offered a fair and full settlement? What if there was a way for someone to evaluate the destruction independently, rather than trusting what you are told by a loss adjuster who was working for your insurance company? You have the right to employ your own loss adjusters instead of a loss adjuster employed by your insurance provider! Wouldn't you prefer a loss adjuster working to protect your interests instead?

Once you appoint our loss assessors, we would handle the whole claim from start to finish. We work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure that you receive only your full entitlement. Most of the time we do not charge our clients for our insurance claims management services when you appoint one of our preferred building companies to reinstate your property.

On the other hand, if you would rather appoint your own builder our fees are charged at 10% of your final settlement. Either way, we do not charge anything up-front as our fees are deducted only after your claim is settled. We offer a nationwide commercial and domestic insurance claims management service protecting our clients in Halifax and all surrounding areas.

Fire Restoration Halifax

When your property has been damaged by fire, it may be amongst one of the worst experiences that you are ever likely to endure. We understand this so we will do everything we can in order to support you through this tough time.

We know precisely how catastrophic the consequences of a fire could be. From our vast experience, we can appreciate that the damage may well be considerably more serious than it seems. Smoke and water damage would be two main issues, but there may also be more concealed destruction which may not automatically apparent.

By identifying all the things resulting from fire damage, our experts are able to be the main difference when negotiating with your insurance company. A long and drawn out insurance claim is the last thing you want whilst Public Loss Assessors can get the job done more quickly.

Our customers have employed countless specialist fire damage repair companies in the past. Over the years, we've put together a list of the best building contractors in order to recommend them to our clients in the future. We are able to often recommend specialist fire restoration contractors in Halifax.

Water Damage Repair and Flood Restoration Halifax

We are here to assist if your property has been damaged due to the result of flooding, an Escape of Water through a burst pipe or even water damage caused by putting out a fire. It is critical that all flood damage is discovered as there will most likely be even more hidden destruction in which only a qualified eye would see, otherwise it might cause issues with your insurance claim at a later time.

We would appoint a chartered surveyor to fully evaluate all the water damage that has occurred. A risk assessment will be taken out making sure that any hazards are discovered, making sure that the immediate and surrounding areas are made safe and secure.

We are able to recommend highly trained flood restoration professionals when you employ us to manage your claim. Irrespective of the root cause of damage, our recommended Halifax flood damage repair contractors will always be accessible to support you with any emergency that may have occurred.

Before any water damage repair tasks can take place, they will make sure that your property is thoroughly dried out and will issue an independent insurance backed drying certificate. Your contractor will then finish all restoration work within the contracted timescale.

Why We Are Different?

  • We Allocate a Dedicated Loss Adjuster to Each Claim
  • We Provide Full Claim Preparation, Submission and Negotiation
  • We Offer Clear and Comprehensive Advice
  • We Keep You Advised and Updated Throughout the Entire Process
  • We Have Extensive Experience in Both Domestic and Commercial Sectors
  • We Ensure That Your Claim is Settled Promptly and Fairly
  • We Will Attend and Assist at Meetings with Those Representing Your Insurer
  • We Can Help with Alternative Accommodation and Arrange Emergency Payments
  • You Will Be Supplied with a Schedule of Works Prepared by a RICS Surveyor
  • We Can Recommend Specialist Approved Building Contractors
  • We Provide Full UK Coverage With a 24-Hour Helpline

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Public Loss Assessors are here to help with insurance claims. Our aim is to ensure that you receive the best possible settlement from your insurer. We manage both domestic and commercial property claims arising from:

  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Impact
  • Escape of Water
  • Storm Damage
  • Subsidence

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