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Public Loss Assessors are here to help when your property has sustained any sort of damage and you need to claim on your insurance policy. When it comes to insurance claims management, we are experts who work on your side ensuring that you receive all that you are entitled to. We have loss assessors located all over the UK and there reach extends to Dorchester and the surrounding areas.

All of us at Public Loss Assessors are proud of our adaptability when confronted with an emergency and our very own capacity to analyse your house fairly without delay. If the deterioration is noted some time later, then chances are you need to start yet another insurance claim and then the procedure is going to take much longer than if the damage was recognised immediately. This is why we feel that it is important to get it right in the first time of asking.

We are able to provide our loss assessing service at no cost to you - given that you take advantage of our preferred contractors to repair your home whilst we manage your claim for you. The building contractors we recommend will take care of the fee for our personal expertise. We work with nationwide contractor networks who specifically deal with properties that have been damaged by flood water, fire, storm, impact or subsidence.

Occasionally, some of our clients would rather us negotiate for them and then opt for a lump sum from their insurer in which they can use to appoint their own building company. In this case, we are happy to offer our expertise but we then charge a fixed percentage of your final settlement fee. We offer our services for a modest fee of 10% + VAT. Whichever option you choose, rest assured we still offer the same level of commitment to you.

How We Can Benefit You

Regardless of the type of damage your home or business has experienced, our Dorchester team are here to help you, from initial contact right through to the completed repairs of your property, we are with you every step of the way. No matter whether you experienced a fire, flood or impact damage, you'll be able to have your entire insurance claim managed by a loss assessor with several years of practical knowledge in claims handling and a professional building contractor to oversee your repairs.

When filing for an insurance claim your insurer will recommended you utilize the services of one of their loss adjusters. We don’t condone this action, as they are hired by your insurer you cannot be certain they will be fair towards the claim. When hiring Public Loss Assessors we only want the best for you, as we are an independent firm who is hired directly by you.

By making use of a seasoned loss assessor, it is possible to be certain that your insurance claims procedure will be simple and uncomplicated. Contact us on 08000 434 999 to be given the best qualified advice.

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