Claims Management and Loss Assessing in Coventry

Welcome to Public Loss Assessors Coventry. Working on YOUR behalf, we are here to ensure that you receive your full entitlement when you need to submit a property claim with your insurer. With offices based all over the UK, we can help you acquire the services of a professional loss assessor in Coventry. All our loss assessors are extremely experienced in handling all manners of claims including fire, flood, impact and storm damage. So, no matter what type of damage your home or business has sustained, Public Loss Assessors are confident we can help ensure that you receive your full entitlement..

If your property has been damaged by an insured event, such as a flood, fire or storm damage then Public Loss Assessors will be able to help you to get through your insurance claim whilst taking most of the stress off your shoulders. Our loss assessors in Coventry are on call to help you navigate your claim painlessly and to make sure you receive your full entitlement to fully restore your property.

Before you submit an insurance claim, you should contact us – one of our specialist loss assessors will help you to set up an insurance claim and then take over all meetings and negotiations on your behalf. With a loss assessor, you can gain access to the same inside knowledge that your insurer has when you submit a claim with them. Our loss assessors also work tirelessly for your cause, so you are able to relax a bit more during your claim and focus on what is important to you in this difficult time.

Try Our Loss Assessing Services At No Cost To You

Here at Public Loss Assessors we can offer a service that allows you to acquire all the expertise we provide at absolutely no cost to you. If you choose to take advantage of our recommended contractors, then we offer our insurance claims management services completely free of charge to you, as all of our fees are covered by our preferred contractors. But if you decide you would not like to take advantage of our recommended contractors then we offer our services for a modest 10% + VAT of the final settlement fee which is agreed upon. In this case, any fees are deducted directly from your final settlement so there are no upfront charges to worry about.

With our insurance claims management service, you gain a two-part service – first, we will survey your property and present a comprehensive damage report to your insurer, which includes damage that cannot be seen by the naked eye, such as smoke and water damage to the inner structure of the walls. The second part of the service comes with a full restoration service, provided by contractors that we recommend to you.

We Work On Your Behalf - Not The Insurers

When making an insurance claim your insurers, more likely than not, will offer you to utilise their own loss adjusters. As an independent loss assessing company we do not recommend agreeing to this service. Because the loss adjuster works on your insurers behalf you will not know if the settlement they offer is fair enough to cover the cost of any damage you may have incurred. Because Public Loss Assessors are an independent firm who are hired by you, the policy holder, you can be sure that we want the best outcome for you.

If you would like to benefit from our services next time you find yourself unfortunate enough to have to make a property insurance claim, please feel free to get in touch with one of our helpful team.

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