Free Loss Assessing

We offer free loss assessing services if you take advantage of our network of specialist fire and flood restoration building contractors. All of our fees are covered by our contractors networks due to our professional relationships with them - this means that you get a full service that comes at no cost to you.

Always remember that you have the right to employ your own loss assessor when you take out an insurance claim.

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Insurance Claims Management

We understand how difficult the insurance claims process can be, which is why we offer a full insurance claims management service. We will handle all claims on your behalf, taking all action required during your claim to alleviate stress from you.

Make sure that you have legal advice on your side when you make an insurance claim - you would not go to court without a lawyer, so why take on an insurance claim without representation?

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Aspects We Cover

We cover a large variety of insurance claims - no matter if you need fire, flood or storm claim management, or fire and flood restoration, we offer a large variety of services to get you back on your feet when you suffer from damage to your property. Our loss assessors are experienced with even the most complex claims.

Public Loss Assessors cover ALL aspects of insurance claims, whether you are a domestic or commercial client.

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Help With Fire Insurance Claims

Public Loss Assessors has a high success rate in dealing with fire damage insurance claims - we are able to ensure that the vast majority of our clients receive exactly what they are entitled to when their home is affected by fires. When we are helping you to deal with fires, the claim itself will be stress free for you.

Allow us to exceed your expectations when you need our help to deal with your fire damaged home.

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Help With Flood Insurance Claims

Public Loss Assessors are able to handle your flood insurance claims with expertise and we are able to arrange alternative accommodation for you in an emergency, if covered by your insurance policy. We realise just how dangerous flooding can be for your property - this is why we employ our flood restoration specialists, rather than an average builder.

With Public Loss Assessors, we will ensure that your home is restored within a reasonable timeframe.

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Help With Subsidence Insurance Claims

Subsidence insurance claims are often very difficult to deal with - however, they are not impossible. With Public Loss Assessors, you are able to ensure that your insurance claim is paid attention to. The process of resolving a subsidence claim is long enough without being kept in the dark about it. We make it our policy to keep communication open with all developments in your claim.

When you are dealing with subsidence threatening your home, PLA can help you.

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Home Insurance Claims

As a homeowner, it is often difficult to deal with incidents without having to worry about making a claim on your insurance. We are able to provide a full service when your home suffers from damage, be it from a fire or a flood. If you are covered, we can handle your claim and repair your property using one of our expert contractors partner networks.

We will ensure you get your full entitlement with our help.

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Business Insurance Claims

If you are a business owner, we can help you when you sustain a loss of income from the damage that has rendered your property unusable. A business claim can often be a lengthy ordeal, but with Public Loss Assessors, you are able to have your insurance claim listened to first. We are confident that we will reduce the time to get your business back on its feet compared to submitting a claim yourself.

Get your business operating again fast with Public Loss Assessors.

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Our Fees

We work on behalf of YOU, the policyholder - not your insurance provider. This allows us to work in your best interests to assist you in receiving your full entitlement to repair your home or business adequately. We provide a free loss adjusting service in most cases, due to our professional partnership with some of the UK's leading contractor networks. They cover our fees, meaning a no cost service to you.

Find out more about when our fees apply below.

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Full UK Coverage

We cover the whole of the UK. Find a loss assessor local to your area.

Areas We Cover

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