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We at Public Loss Assessors pride ourselves in delivering a nationwide, premium insurance claims management service for when you need our help with dealing with property damage. We can take care of your property insurance claim with a fantastic service from our loss assessors in Chester. We are here to work on your behalf by ensuring that you receive your full entitlement from your insurer in relation to a property claim.

What many people do not realise is that when you submit a claim to your insurer and they appoint a loss adjuster to assess your property damage, you also have the right to appoint someone to represent you as well. By offering this service, we believe it to be much fairer on the policy holder as you now have someone on your side to manage the whole process for you whilst negotiating with your insurer. Our aim is to ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

Our Free Loss Assessing Service

If you decide to choose Public Loss Assessors to represent you, we are able to represent you at no cost when you take advantage of our recommended building contractors to oversee the repairs that your property requires. Our preferred building contractors cover our fees when you allow us to appoint them on your behalf.

Working for you, rather than your insurer, we are here to put you first. We even offer our services at no cost to you on a no win - no fee basis when you allow us to appoint one of our recommended building contractors to repair your property. Otherwise, if you would prefer to shop around and appoint your own property repair specialists, we offer our services for 10% (+ VAT) of your final settlement. With both options, our services are provided with no upfront costs.

As soon as you've endured an emergency endangering your home or business, it is essential that most repair works are established as quickly as possible. This is the reason Public Loss Assessors take pride in being in a position to evaluate your property as quickly as possible to make sure that all of the damage is accounted for in the first evaluation. Otherwise, If this damage is discovered at a later date, you may need to resubmit your insurance claim and then the procedure is going to take much longer when compared to if the damage was identified in the first survey.

Our Professional Insurance Claims Management Services

No matter which type of damage has occurred to your property, the one thing that you can be assured of is that our Chester loss assessors are here to protect your interests. Once you agree to allow us to manage your property claim, you do not need to have any contact with your insurer as we will negotiate on your behalf. Don’t settle for less because we are here to help.

By utilising one of our skilled loss assessors, you can be assured that the insurance claims procedure will be effortless and clear-cut. Want to know more?

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