Public Loss Assessors in Carlisle

We take pride in offering a nationwide high quality service when you require our assistance in dealing with your insurance claims. If you are currently looking for reputable loss assessing company in Carlisle, then we will help you to receive the very best insurance claims handling support in your local area.

Our Loss Assessors Can Help At No Cost To You

We are able to provide our loss assessing expertise at no cost to you as long as you utilise our recommended experienced building contractors to restore your home or business after we manage your insurance claim on your behalf. In this case, our recommended building contractors are more than happy to cover the costs of our expert loss assessing services. Therefore you receive the best of both worlds with a claims management service combined with a building restoration service too.

For those would prefer to employ their own building contractors, we are able to offer our claims management services for 10% + VAT of the final settlement. This charge makes it possible for us to deliver our high standard of work for a reasonable fee, whilst still ensuring that you have professionals on your side working to protect your interests.

Any time your property is damaged by a storm, fire or flood, a fast reaction time is a must. We take pride in our adaptability when confronted with an emergency and our ability to analyse and assess your property objectively as soon as possible. An untrained eye may fail to identify secondary damage and this may go unnoticed and result in your claim having to be revisited. Our loss assessors are here to help prevent this by identifying the full extent of the damage so that it ALL can be included into the claim from the beginning.

Insurance Claims Management Services

No matter what kind of damage your property has suffered from, we have the ability to offer you a complete insurance claims management solution. We are completely knowledgeable and ready to manage all of your property insurance claims. Our specialists in Carlisle are able to ensure that your insurers are made aware of all that you are entitled to and your claim is addressed realistically and successfully.

We Work exclusively for you the public and are here to put your interests first. Please feel free to get in touch with us on one of the numbers below to find out more about the insurance claims management services we can provide.

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