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At Public Loss Assessors we pride ourselves in PUTTING YOU FIRST when you require our help with the management of your property insurance claims. Public Loss Assessors Bridlington are experts, here to assist you in receiving your full entitlement when you are unfortunate enough to have suffered property damage and need to submit an insurance claim. We are here to help with the whole insurance claims management process on your behalf, giving you a little less to worry about. Working with your insurers, our aim is to ensure that you receive your FULL ENTITLEMENT as stated within your insurance policy.

Our Free Loss Assessing Services

In most cases, we are able to provide you with our personal loss assessing services at no cost, if you agree to use our recommended professional building repair experts to reinstate your home or business whilst we oversee your claim for you. The trusted builders that we recommend will cover our costs of our claims management expertise on your behalf. This will then allow you to focus on using the settlement that you win from the property claim completely on repairing your household to its previous state.

If you prefer to opt for a cash settlement instead and to not take advantage of our specialist contractors, we are able to provide you with an alternative with a modest fee for our service, accepting 10% + VAT of the final cash payment. This permits our company to offer you our very own support for a reasonable cost, hence it's possible to get your life back in line as soon as possible.

Gain All Of Our Specialised Repair Solutions

We are here to help regardless of what type of destruction your property has endured. Whether you suffered from a fire, flooding, storm, subsidence or impact damage, you will be able to have your entire property claim handled by our loss assessors, who have decades of combined experience in claims handling. Our loss assessors in Bridlington will ensure that your insurance provider sees to your needs and are made accountable for all that you may be entitled to.

Right after you have experienced an event that has caused damage to your property, it is crucial that repair works are begun as quickly as possible. We at Public Loss Assessors take pride in our usefulness when confronted with your crisis, as well as our expert ability to analyse your property objectively without delay. Whenever additional damage goes unnoticed and we are not directed to examine the home, the insurance claim may have to be reopened as further destruction may not be discovered in the time of your initial claim. This is the exact reason why you should have a fully experience loss assessor working for you right from the beginning.

By using a specialist loss assessor, such as ourselves, we are able to guarantee that the insurance claims management process is simple and straightforward - after all, we will work on your behalf. We are available to call 24 hours a day if you need to get in touch with us.

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