Public Loss Assessing in Bognor Regis

Our team at Public Loss Assessors are able to provide you with a comprehensive claims handling service, no matter the location you may be in the United Kingdom. If you are in need of our assistance to manage your property claim, we will appoint our loss assessors in Bognor Regis to help you gain your full entitlement at the end of your claim.

Appoint Our Loss Assessors for No Cost

We are able to give you our personalised loss assessing expertise at no cost – as long as you employ our recommended building contractors to repair your home after the damage has been caused. These contractors are able to cover our costs for you, so you are able to dedicate all of your settlement to getting your life back to normal.

If you would prefer to receive a cash settlement, or should you wish to not make use of our contractors, we will gladly offer you a cash settlement for our services, with a charge of 10% + VAT of the final settlement fee which is agreed upon. This fee allows us to provide our services for a fair cost, as well as to provide our services across Bognor Regis for others who may need them.

Make Use of Our Preferred Contractors

We are easily able to provide you with the assistance you need, no matter what kind of damage your home or business has sustained. Our loss assessors are able to deal with all different types of damage claims for your Bognor Regis property. Our loss assessors will ensure that your insurer sees to your claims first and that you are treated fairly in the event of a claim.

As soon as your property has undergone an accident, it is important that repair works are established as quickly as possible. We at Public Loss Assessors are proud of our ability to examine your property objectively soon after it has been damaged. This allows us to observe all forms of damage, including those that may not be immediately obvious such as deep smoke damage or water damage. If this damage is discovered after the insurance claim is closed, then you will have to open another, more expensive claim.

If you need a loss assessor to manage your insurance claim for you, helping to minimise stress, then call us on 08000 434 999 for our guidance.

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