Public Loss Assessing In Bath

When you have suffered from damage to your property in Bath, the thought of making a claim with your insurer can often make the stress much worse in an already stressful situation. However, you do not have to live with this stress – Public Loss Assessors can alleviate all of the stress associated with this situation by handling the claim on your behalf, rather than the insurers. We can ensure that you gain your full entitlement for the damage your property has been subject to.

What’s Stopping You From Taking Control Of Your Claim?

With Public Loss Assessors, you can take back control of your claim – why leave your entitlement to chance? You would not attend court without a lawyer, so why go into an insurance claim without a representative? The main reason that most people do not hire a loss assessor to work for them is that they are afraid of the cost and the fear of losing any bonus to the loss assessor. However, you do not need to fear this with Public Loss Assessors – our costs are taken from our preferred contractors when you choose to appoint them to repair your property.

Our Recommended contractors are fully trained to repair any type of specialist damage, whether it be a fire, flood or any other of the aspects we cover. This allows you to rest assured that your property is in capable hands, fully equipped to deal with any damage that your home may have sustained from the incident that has occurred. If you choose not to take advantage of our contractors, then this is still fine. We will still be able to offer our services at a fixed fee of 10% + VAT of your final settlement figure.

Employ A Loss Assessor For A Successful Claim

Our loss assessing team are versatile within an emergency, able to analyse your property and the damage that has been caused to it. This includes the damage that may not be immediately noticed, such as water damage within the wall itself, or smoke damage that has torn through the property. If this damage is not noticed until later on, then it can prove much costlier to repair and to reopen the claim, rather than deal with it at the time.

By employing one of our loss assessors, you too can gain a simple and straight forward insurance claim. Contact us on either of the numbers below for advice from our team that is tailored to you.

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