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Our team at Public Loss Assessors take pride in being able to deliver a nationwide premium service on behalf of the policy holder. When you need our help in dealing with your insurance claim, Public Loss Assessors can help you to receive the right settlement fee that you need, in order to ensure that your property is returned back to its pre-loss state.

Our Service Is Different To Other Loss Assessors

If you decide to choose Public Loss Assessors to represent you, we can ensure that you get our insurance claims management service at no cost to you, when you decide to choose one of our preferred contractors to carry out the repairs on your property. Our recommended building contractors will cover our fees when the job is completed, resulting in no cost to you whatsoever. This will enable you to dedicate all of your final settlement fee on returning your house back to its pre-loss state instead of worrying about any extra costs on top of the claim.

If you prefer to take your final settlement fee as a cash sum or want to hire a different contractor to see out your repairs then we are able to offer you the alternative of a small charge for our excellent service, only taking 10% + VAT of the final cash settlement fee. Even with this option, there are no upfront costs for you to worry about as our fees will be deducted directly from your insurance settlement. This fee will supply you with some of the best loss assessing services in the industry, and will also supply you with an excellent insurance claim management service.

Professional Loss Assessing

Regardless of what your property has endured a fire, flood or a storm, Public Loss Assessors are able to ensure that you get the complete insurance claim management service that you deserve. Our very own loss assessors happen to be thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced, ready to cope with each one of your insurance claim processes. We have the ability to guarantee that you will be observed first of all by the insurance firm, and also your own legal claim is resolved comparatively and properly in the least amount of time and with the least amount of inconvenience.

Right after you've experienced a tragedy causing damage to your property, it is crucial that the majority of maintenance and repairs are begun at the earliest opportunity. All of us at Public Loss Assessors pride ourselves in our usefulness facing an emergency and our very own capability to examine your home rationally at the earliest time possible. We ensure that all damage is identified in the first instance in order to eliminate problems that could potentially disrupt your claim later are eliminated.

If you need you need a loss assessor to handle your insurance claim for you and to minimise the stress during this difficult time, please feel free to call us for our expert help and guidance.

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