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Insurance contract small print can be very complicated and complex - making sure to scrutinise and follow the contract to the letter is crucial in any claim event to ensure that you comply with its terms and conditions.

Insurers will normally appoint a loss adjuster to help with the handling of such a claim, but what is not commonly known is that the policyholder also has the right to appoint a similar professional to assist them.

Public Loss Assessors can ensure that you receive your full entitlement under the terms of your policy. We are loss assessors that that solely work for the public when you are faced with a complex claim.

RICS Surveyors

Insurers quite rightly prefer independent estimations of quotes - We have the option to ask a RICS surveyor to assess the property and recommend a local contractor.

Remember, insurers are there to help in a claim event but professional help for you specifically is advisable in certain situations. We aim to work with both sides to ensure fairness to all parties and that reasonable costs are agreed.

Professional help can enable you (the policyholder) to take a back seat from all proceedings, as our insurance claims specialists will handle everything with great care. Passing the responsibility of dealing with a fire or flood insurance claim to the professionals could benefit you greatly, as our inside knowledge of the industry comes at no cost to you.

When employing a professional claims handling firm, you will have many factors to take into consideration. You will need to be sure that it is the right decision for you, which is why we pride ourselves on being transparent as a company and allowing the client to contact us with as many questions as they like. They can then make the conscious decision whether they want to push for the maximum settlement with professional assistance.

We Can Offer The Full Insurance Management Service

Insurance companies can often surprise their clients when it comes to contacting them after a disaster has taken place. They will be courteous and helpful when you take out an insurance policy, but when you need to make a claim after an accident they are not as customer driven. This is a problem that you would never expect for an industry professional but commonly occurs.

Our polite and friendly claims handlers are on call 24/7 ready to assist you, whether it is a water leak from a burst pipe, right up to torrential weathering compromising the foundations of your property. All cases will be treated with immense professionalism to assist you in gaining a fair potential end settlement.

Public Loss Assessors offer a full insurance claims help service.


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