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The impact of water damage or flooding can cause a severe amount of damage to your property. There are many ways that water damage can be caused, flooding, a burst pipe, leaky boiler or even a faulty washing machine.

Most water damage will not be in sight so it is very important that you make full use of our loss assessors who have a broad knowledge in dealing with flood restoration claims. If you do not require our assistance there may be underlying problems not being detected that will cause problems in the future. This is why it is crucial that all water damage no matter how big or small is detected and documented before the final claim is submitted to your insurer.

If water was to leak in the cavities behind your walls and this is not documented, your insurer would not agree to a second payment after the original sum has been settled. If it is not documented and repair it can cause a wider range of damage, which you won’t know about until it’s too late.

Specialist Secondary Water Damage Detection

Through the use of chemical testing, moisture detection and equipment specifically designed for use with water damage repair, our recommended contractors will identify not only the source of water, but also the extent of any water damage that may have been caused. Also, if there is any potential of hidden secondary damage, it could form in the shape of mold spores, dry rot, structural cracking or fire risk.

With primary water damage, you are usually able to instantly identify the destruction that has been caused. One of the main problems you could face is invisible secondary damage. Moisture can quickly change from liquid to water vapor that can then travel around the property. Once this vapor re-condenses, it can then be absorbed by porous materials.

It is essential that all water damage repairs are completed professionally and thoroughly from the first assessment of secondary damage. Otherwise, this may cause damage that may not be noticed for many years to come.

Recommended Flood Damage Restoration Contractors

We can recommend nationwide building repair networks who specialise in repairing properties affected by flood and water damage.

Our clients benefit from our recommended nationwide flood damage repair specialists. WE will recommend only professional building contractors who specialise in repairing water damaged properties. These networks cover the whole of the UK, so rest assured that there is a skilled and qualified flood restoration contractor round the corner from you.

As each of these contractors have extensive knowledge and a lot of experience in dealing with water damaged properties, they know exactly what steps to take. From drying to repair work, they do all the work so you are comfortable with the situation. They will be able to get you back into your property as quickly as possible whilst ensuring the job is completed to the highest standards.

Within our time in the industry we have found that most of the time an insurer will ask the policy holder to obtain a few building repair quotes from local builders to reinstate the property. Over the years, we have built relationships with many specialist flood restoration companies and have compiled a list of over 100 of the best building contractors. By doing this we are able to recommend them to our clients.

3 Question Rule

When restoring a structure after it has been through the impact of water damage, it is very important that your loss assessors understands the impact that water can causes to the fabrics in your property.

1. Are you sure that the loss assessor that the insurers send on their behalf are working for you or your insurance company?

2. Wouldn’t you prefer it if the loss assessor you have has your interests at heart, rather than working for the insurance company?

3. How much would it cost for an independent loss assessor to work on your behalf?

In most cases, Public Loss Assessors will work for you for no money what so ever. We can provide you with a full loss assessing service, all we ask for in return is that you assign our specialist building contractors to complete your flood restoration work.

Services That You Should Expect From Water Damage Repair Companies

Our recommended contractors repair with flood damaged properties on a daily basis. They will at first trace and rectify the source of the water by carrying out non-destructive testing where possible before carrying out any restoration work.

  • The surrounding area will be made completely safe and a risk assessment will be carried out.
  • All materials will be fully dried to accepted British Standard moisture content levels.
  • The immediate and surrounding area will be restored to the pre-incident condition.
  • A certificate of dryness will be issued once the property is fully dried.
  • In the event of an emergency they will be on site as soon as possible.
  • Complete Water Damage Repair And Flood Restoration Service.

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